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1984 Stafford's bass students performing at Umbria Jazz Perugia, Italy.

January 1984 and I am preparing to go on a United States Information Service (USIS) tour that will take me to India, Syria, Sudan, Egypt and Morocco. India was an incredible experience and for sure, one that I will never forget. As a member of the Woody Shaw Quintet, we visited and performed in such cities as Bombay, New Delhi, Calcutta, Madras and Bangalore. We won the "Silver Cup" as best jazz group that year and tragically Indira Ghandhi was assassinated. In Syria we performed in Aleppo and Damascus.

The Reverend Jesse Jackson


came to Damascus to retrieve the American pilot, shot down by
the Syrians, Lieutenant Gooden USN. In Sudan we performed in Khartoum.

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