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1996 Stafford James Project, Jazz Club Hannover 
(Acrylic by 
Harmut Brandt).

  After that night, I began to see Mingus more and more. The last time that I saw Mingus, I was doing a concert with Saxophonist Al Cohn. Gerry Mulligan was pushing Mingus in a wheelchair. He also had a brace around his neck. After the concert he took my left hand and just held it for what seemed to be a lifetime. That will stay with me always.

Still in 1976 was when I officially met Dexter Gordon. Al Cohn introduced us after our concert in Antwerp, Belgium. The first thing that Dexter said to me was "I'm gonna call you when I come
to New York."

  I didn't know if he was serious or not, so I just didn't think about it. Lo and behold, when he came to New York, he called and said, "I'm gonna make a record and I've got a few things lined up that I would like for you to do with me".The recording was entitled "Homecoming" -CBS Records. During the period 1976-1977, I continued to work and record albums. There was "Little Red's Fantasy" with Woody Shaw where he recorded a composition of mine entitled "Sashianova" and Louis Hayes recording my composition "My gift to you".

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