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In parallel to his programme in the classical repertoire, Stafford James, as composer and interpreter, has decided to revisit a number of unknown masterpieces from our musical past, bringing to them a new light and enabling them to be rediscovered by the public of today. With the sensitivity of a contemporary musician, he throws a musical bridge to the masters of yesterday to reach the public of our time.

Inspiring himself freely from musical masterpieces from Spain, Italy and Germany, and with his own creativity, beyond the barriers and preconceived ideas, Stafford James brings an important message, the message of a live music of quality. In this he rejoins the example of one of the masters of his youth Miles Davis who, beyond the barriers of the classical and jazz worlds, with his “Sketches of Spain”,brought the concerto de Aranjuez to light to a new type of public,a public of music lovers who expect a message of emotion, expressiveness and love.

For Classical Concerts
Sketches & Fandangos Project



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