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1994 Banlieues Bleues, Benny Powell. For my taste Woody Shaw was the most advanced improviser especially when he came into his own in the mid to late seventies.
Miles thought that Woody had the most original voice and the best group.
Woody really appreciated the fact that I really studied my instrument from a different perspective.
He was a proponent of arco bass playing of which I must say that conceptually I learned a lot from Woody Shaw.
His intervalic concept was very melodic.

When Wynton Marsalis first came to New York , he had received a grant to study with Woody. There is a photo of Wynton and Woody together on the "Complete CBS Studio recordings " Mosaic Records.

The end of 1973 into 1974 also saw me teaching contrabass at the United Nations International School in Manhattan. I had five wonderful students that I was able to prepare to play in the school orchestra. The experience was an invaluable one that lasted until 1976.