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 A new release


Stafford JAMES (bass & compositions)

Don ALIAS (percussion)

Gene JACKSON (drums)

Emil SPANYI (keyboards)



I would like to thank Don Alias, Gene Jackson and Emil Spanyi as well as the WDR and DR. Uhlrich Kurth for helping me to realize this project AND two wonderful musicians for their undaunting support of which I include their comments on the CD:

   Dear Stafford,
You have always been a gentleman of talent, persistency, respect and vision.
With that there is no losing.  Your CD's of late present an archive of all of what I said in the first sentence.  I am proud to know you.  Being able to witness your metamorphosis over the years has been a pleasure and an inspiration to me.

For the sake of the bass please continue your dreams and global repertoire.

Your bow work, pitch, nuances, form and compositional genius creates a CD to be listened to by any generation.  WOW!  I think I will listen to it again after finishing this note to you.
Love to Sir Stafford from Richard Davis

"How wonderful to hear this, Stafford's latest expression on our beloved instrument!  His continued pursuit of environs in which to bring his bass colors and fantasies is much needed—not only for the bass community, but for the artistic community in general.  Bravo, Stafford!”

Your fan,
John Clayton