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Also in this year I had the opportunity to meet the physicists Madame Carleen Hutchins of the Catgut Acoustical Society in Montclair, New Jersey. Madame Hutchins was the designer and fabricator of a whole line of string instruments.

playing instrument made by Karleen Hutchins 
that was given for one year to try. Instead of the traditional violin, viola, cello and bass, she constructed 8 instruments which cover the entire range of the string family including an "octo-bass."

The "octo-bass" was not as large as the instrument designed by the French luthier Vuillaume but did carry the same function. For the entire year I was given an instrument that was smaller than my 3/4 size instrument but larger than a cello, roughly about the size of a solo bass. American bassist Gary Karr was given the same instrument the year before. My only regret is that I couldn't give the instrument enough of the exposure that it deserved. There just weren't the audiences to hear instruments like these in America at that time.

I also had the opportunity in this year to meet one of my favorite bassist. His name is Mr. Ludwig Streicher and after his New York concert there was a reception given for him to which I was invited. I brought my copy of the Bottesini concerto for his signature. After he signed it he grabbed my left hand and said "ah, that's a fifteen year old knot. Mine is about forty-five." We all had a good laugh and spoke about strokes and musics. Truly an honor and a pleasure to have met this marvelous musician.

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